Sulzer Shuttleless Rapier Looms Width 360 Cmd4
Nuovo Pignone Shuttle less Rapier Looms Type TPS 500 Width 220 cm.8
Tsudakoma Make airjet Loom Model Zax 9100,280cm(Terry)10


We have our inhouse wet processing facilities for 100% Cotton Woven Terry Fabrics as well as Knitted Fabrics.Further,we also have Yarn Dyeing facilities for Polyester and 100% Cotton Yarn.It covers Bleaching and Dyeing operations in the styles like Reactive,Vat,Sulfur and Disperse for PE Yarn. For fabric processing,we have two Jumbo Jiggers of 250 Kg and 500Kg capacity each and two Winches of 150 Kg Capacity each. For Yarn dyeing,we have two machines of 100 Kg and 200 Kg Capacity each,with facilities for Soft Winding and Cone Winding Operations. For our Post Dyeing Operations,we have Two Hydro Extractors of 150 Kg each, followed by Two Tumble Driers of 150 Kg each. The entire operation gives us a monthly production of 50 Tones of dyed Yarn and 30 Tones of dyed fabric. As for the Woven Fabric,though our main thrust area is Terry Fabrics and Terry Towels,we have facilities to wet process Plain Woven Fabrics also. Last but not the least,our Bleaching Operations in the Woven Terry Fabrics and Terry Towels for White are fully Eco Friendly. For Fabric processing, we have Soft flow machine of capacity 500kgs, Two jumbo jigger of 250kgs & 500kgs

Soft Flow Machine PLC based. 500 kgs.1
Jigger Machiness
Semi Automatic Jigger Machine(120") 500 kgs.1
Semi Automatic Jigger Machine (72") 150 kgs.1
Close Winches1
Open Winches1
Tumbler Dryers
HTHP Glycerin Bath Beakear Dyeing Machine1
Calendaring Machine1
Hydro Extractor
G.S. Hydro Extractor [48" dia]1
B.I. Hydro Extractor [60" dia]1
Thermax Made Thermic Fluid heater1
Hot Air Stenter Machine (280cm)1

Yarn Dyeing

100 kg. capacity Yarn Dyeing Machine1
200 kg. capacity Yarn Dyeing machine1
Soft Cone Winding Machine P.S. Mettle Make 120 Drum1
Final Coning Winding Machine Alidhara Make 68 Drum1

Garment and Packing Division